The Analysis of Hot Rolled Steel Coil Export

In the past few years, the export trend of steel hot coil has shown a continuous growth trend. According to the data, from 2018 to 2020, the export volume of steel hot coils increased from 3,486,000 tons and 4,079,000 tons to 4,630,000 tons, an increase of 33.24%. Among them, the export volume in 2020 is higher than the previous two years, which also reflects that after years of adjustment and transformation, the domestic steel industry has gradually formed a relatively complete industrial chain with the production and export of high-quality, high value-added products as the main direction. and international market competitiveness. Specifically, in terms of export volume, the export volume of steel hot coils in 2018 and 2019 still takes Southeast Asia and the Middle East as the main markets. Among these two regions, Vietnam and Thailand accounted for the largest export volume, 1,112,000 tons and 568,000 tons respectively, accounting for 31.93% and 13.02% respectively, while the total exports to the Middle East accounted for 26.81% . Due to this strong demand has led to the continuous growth of the export volume of the industry. However, the impact of the epidemic in 2020 has gradually changed the market. Although the demand in Southeast Asia is still relatively stable, the demand in most Middle Eastern countries has dropped significantly. At the same time, the continuous innovation and upgrading of the steel industry has enabled more emerging countries (such as Argentina and Chile in South America) to enter the market. Data show that in the first three quarters of 2020, steel hot coil exports to South America, Australia and Africa were 421,000 tons, 327,000 tons and 105,000 tons respectively, accounting for 9.09%, 7.04% and 2.27% respectively. Compared with the data in 2018, the proportion of these regions has increased significantly. To sum up, the domestic steel hot coil export market is constantly advancing towards a diversified and high-quality development direction. Although the epidemic has brought some impact, Chinese companies are moving towards a more stable and sustainable development path by continuously expanding the market and improving product quality.

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Post time: Mar-31-2023