PPGI/PPGL Steel coil and Sheet

  • Pre-Painted Galvanized Coil/Pre-Painted Galvalume Coil

    Pre-Painted Galvanized Coil/Pre-Painted Galvalume Coil

    Color coated plate generally refers to a products formed by coating (roller coating)the surface of the base plate firstly with paint or pasting it with organic film, then bake them later. Its final product could be made through deep processing. It is called pre-coated steel pate or plastic-coated steel plate abroad. The product is of pretty colors or patterns when leaving the factory, so it is also called color coated plate. It is prevalently called color coated plate at home, color coat plate or color plate for short. Hot dip galvanized color coating in addition to zinc protection, the organic coating on the surface also plays a protective isolation, prevent rust.