• Spiral welded steel pipe

    Spiral welded steel pipe

    Spiral steel pipes are made by steel coil, extrusion forming under the normal temperature, then taken the technology of double wire and double-faced submerged-arc welded.

    During molding process of spiral welded steel pipe, steel plate has uniform deformation and light residual stress, thus the surface has no scratches. Spiral steel pipe has more flexible thicknesses and diameters, especially in making high-grade thick pipes with small or medium aperture, these techniques has incomparable advantages in satisfying your needs.

  • Wire rod

    Wire rod

    Wire rod is produced by warm rolling the billets on special, continuous rolling mills. It is a long product formed into coils and used as semi-products. Unlike other products of the steel industry, wire rod is classified in different classes of goods. Depending on the chemical analysis and on the kind of use, wire rod can be classified into the following families: 1.Low carbon wire rod for the production of wire mesh for the construction industry and for the production of drawn wire (raw, ann...
  • Deformed steel bar

    Deformed steel bar

    Deformed reinforcing steel bar is one kind of reinforcing steel bars. Commonly, its surface has ribs which has three kinds of shape: spiral shape, herringbone shape and crescent shape. Deformed reinforcing steel bar with high strength can be directly used in the reinforced concrete structure and also can be used as prestressed reinforcing bar after cold drawing. Because of its great flexibility, it is widely used in many fields as construction material.

  • Mild steel Hollow Sections

    Mild steel Hollow Sections

    Rectangular/ Square hollow section manufacturing process

    Rectangular/ Square hollow section are formed from coils and then ran through a series of dies. They are are welded from the inside to form their shape.

  • Galvanized Steel Pipe

    Galvanized Steel Pipe

    Coated in zinc, galvanized steel pipes are protected from oxidation and rust, which ultimately prevents deterioration of the pipe. They are a great option when you need to protect your steel pipes from a corrosive environment. The protective quality of galvanized pipe is created through a hot-dipping process, where the zinc then provides a protective layer that will rust away before any of the steel is affected. In terms of durability, a galvanized steel pipe can last well over 100 years, depending on the amount of corrosion exposure.

  •  FLAT  BAR


    SLIT QUALITY FLAT BAR Thickness:3mm-12mm Width:12mm-150mm Material Speciations:GB Q235 Q345 OR Equivalent Hot Rolled Quality FLAT BAR Thickness38mm-200mm Width:5mm-30mm Material Speciations:GB Q235 Q345 OR Equivalent  
  • Galvalume Coils/Sheets

    Galvalume Coils/Sheets

    WHAT IS IT? Galvalume steel is carbon steel coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy using a continuous hot-dip process, combining the corrosion protection and high-temperature resistance of aluminum with the formability and galvanic protection of zinc. The galvalume coating is an alloy consisting of approximately 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.5% silicon by weight, which is applied to steel by the continuous hot dip process. Galvalume steel sheet offers the best qualities of aluminum coated (...
  • hot rolled steel plates

    hot rolled steel plates

    Product Presentation Carbon steel is an iron carbon alloy with carbon content ranging from 0.0218% to 2.11%. Also called carbon steel. Generally also contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus. The higher the carbon content in the general carbon steel, the greater the hardness, the higher the strength, but the lower the plasticity. Low carbon steel (C:≤0.25%), also known as mild steel, low carbon steel is easy to accept a variety of processing such as forging, weld...
  • hot rolled steel strip

    hot rolled steel strip

    Product Presentation Hot rolled steel strip is generally supplied in rolls, which has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, easy processing and material saving. The mechanical properties of hot-rolled steel are enough to meet most of the usage scenarios in daily life, and it is easy to cut and form in secondary processing. Generally, hot-rolled steel will be galvanized to make the surface glossy and have certain corrosion resistance. Hot rolled Steel strip is...
  • Currugated Roofing Sheet Wave Tile

    Currugated Roofing Sheet Wave Tile

    Surface Treatment

    1. Galvanized.

    2.  PVC, Black and color painting.

    3. Transparent oil,anti-rust oil.

    4. According to clients requirement.

    Product Application

    1. Fence, greenhouse, door pipe, greenhouse.

    2. Low pressure liquid, water, gas, oil, line pipe.

    3. For both indoor and outdoor the building construction.

    4. Widely used in scaffolding construction which is much cheaper and convenient.

  • Cold Rolled Steel Tinplate Sheet

    Cold Rolled Steel Tinplate Sheet

    Tinplate, also known as tin-plated iron, is an iron sheet plated with tin on both sides, that is, a cold-rolled low-carbon thin steel plate, which is rust-proof, corrosion-resistant and non-toxic. Mainly used to make metal packaging, including canned food, beverages, chemicals, medicine, hygiene, coatings, paints, sprays, cosmetic bottle caps, etc.

  • Profile Steel

    Profile Steel


    SIZE: 20X20X2MM-250X250X35MM

    Dimensional Specification

    GB787-1988, JIS G3192, DIN1028, EN10056

    Material Speciation

    JIS G3192, SS400, SS540

    EN10025, S235JR, S355JR

    ASTM A36, GB Q235, Q345 or equivalent

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