What is the difference between a flowered galvanized sheet and a non-flowered galvanized sheet of galvanized sheet?

A customer told me in the past: What is the difference between a flower galvanized steel sheet and an unflowered galvanized steel sheet?

Can you use a grassy galvanized steel coil instead of an unflowered galvanized steel coil?

Today, I will tell everyone whether there are spangles in hot-dip galvanized coils.

What is the difference? What are their main uses?

1. Flower galvanized steel sheet
There are two types of hot-dip galvanized spangles: one is all normal spangles, and the other is no spangles.

Previous hot-dip galvanizing products are pure because the lead in the zinc solution cannot extract, and there will always be some spangles on the surface.

Therefore, in the old consciousness, hot-dip galvanizing has spangles.

With the development trend of the automobile industry, if the hot-dip galvanized automobile sheet needs to spray, the spangle has an impact on the spraying, and then the lead content in the zinc ingot and zinc liquid reduce to dozens of ppm.

After that, we can produce products with no or very few spangles.

flowered galvanized sheet1

2. All normal grassy galvanized steel sheet
All normal spangles obtain from the zinc layer under normal conditions after hot-dip galvanizing.

It mainly uses for general main purposes. Guys, do you remember the old pure water buckets used in your home a long time ago?

The top cover with spangles as shown in the figure below, with lines like fallen leaves, and the appearance looks very bright and beautiful.

The grass hot-dip galvanizing also divides into small spangles and large spangles.

The key is to use it in engineering buildings and other places that have less direct contact with the body.

flowered galvanized sheet2

3. Zinc-free galvanized sheet
The key to zinc-free products is that according to the unique production process, the lead generally controlled to a certain level in the zinc pot, or after the hot-rolled strip steel is out of the zinc pot, it undergoes a unique solution, such as the treatment of small spangles.

Method or spraying zinc powder to control the spangle below a certain level can obtain spangle-free products.

Post time: Sep-07-2022