• Cold Rolled Steel Tinplate Sheet

    Cold Rolled Steel Tinplate Sheet

    Tinplate, also known as tin-plated iron, is an iron sheet plated with tin on both sides, that is, a cold-rolled low-carbon thin steel plate, which is rust-proof, corrosion-resistant and non-toxic. Mainly used to make metal packaging, including canned food, beverages, chemicals, medicine, hygiene, coatings, paints, sprays, cosmetic bottle caps, etc.

  • Black Annealed steel coils

    Black Annealed steel coils

    APPLICATION: Commercial Steel, Structural Steel, Enamelling, High Tensile Strength Steel, Automotive Parts, Electrical Motors, Lighting Ballast, Major Appliances, Racking / Shelving, Water Heaters, Pools (Above Ground / Inground), Commercial Doors, Garage Doors, Drums And Pails, Strapping – Seals, Tubular Goods SPECIFICATION STANDARD:JIS G3141 – 1996, EN 10131 – 2006, DIN EN 1002 MATERIAL:Q195, SPCC, DC01, SPCC – SD PACKAGE:Strapped with min three st...
  • cold rolled steel coil full hard

    cold rolled steel coil full hard

    WHAT IS IT? Cold rolled full hard steel is a product that has not been fully finished with a surface product in a cold reduction mill. In essence, the steel is un-annealed cold-rolled steel. While other coils have a finish treatment, cold rolled full hard steel has no finisher.APPLICATION Cold rolled full hard steel is commonly used in applications where limited bending or forming and a high resistance to denting is needed. This steel is often used as a base material or in making pipes. ...
  • Cold Rolled Steel Coil And Sheet

    Cold Rolled Steel Coil And Sheet

    Cold rolling is made of hot-rolled coils as raw materials and rolled at room temperature below the recrystallization temperature. Cold-rolled steel plates are steel plates produced through cold-rolling processes, referred to as cold plates. The thickness and width of cold-rolled sheet are determined according to the equipment capacity of each factory and market demand. Cold rolling is processed and rolled on the basic of hot rolled coils. Generally speaking, it is a process of hot rolling -pickling-cold rolling.

    Cold-rolled strips are widely used, such as automobile manufacturing,electrical products, rolling stock, aviation, precision instruments, foodcans, ect. Cold rolled steel sheet is the abbreviation of ordinary carbon rolled plate, also called cold rolled plate.